Mission & Vision

The mission of Cascadia School is to aid the development of the whole child through the Montessori philosophy. Our vision is to provide a child-centered education for each student in a safe, supportive community that promotes self-discipline, confidence, collaboration citizenship, and a lasting love of learning.

We provide a curriculum that is challenging, coherent, and relevant for each child, based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision of education in which students are motivated by their innate desire to learn and their love for knowledge.

At Cascadia, children engage in purposeful, intellectual, and independent work. They are challenged through working with the Montessori materials, having concrete experiences, and progressing at their own developmental pace to a level of abstract understanding.

Their progression is student-driven and adult-guided, thus allowing for the steady development of self-motivated, life-long learners.


At Cascadia we value:

Respect for the child
We respect each child and are committed to guiding each student on his or her own individual path to independence and intellectual development.

Excellence in education
We achieve excellence in education by inspiring children toward their full social and intellectual potential and fostering a lasting love of learning.

Developmental Appropriate Focus
We value collaborative environments as a way to promote responsible interdependence fostering confidence and self-knowledge.

Appreciation of the natural world
We value the outdoor environment as a way to cultivate the child’s appreciation of nature and human beings’ age-old role as stewards of the natural world.

Diversity and cooperation
We value classrooms which provide diversity in age, gender, background, and skill level as a way to teach cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful resolution of conflicts – critical skills of effective citizens in our society.

Engaged communities
We value the active involvement of family, faculty, and friends.


Academic learning intertwined with personal growth and community building turns out prepared citizens of the world (visit the NAMTA website for a study entitled Optimal Developmental Outcomes–The Social, Moral, Cognitive, and Emotional Dimension of a Montessori Education). The outcome of an authentic Montessori education is a self-confident, life-long learner. Montessori graduates have the skills to work, collaborate, think critically, problem solve and adapt.

Cascadia students graduate with strong academic skills. They are strong communicators, fluent readers, and eloquent writers. They have a strong foundation in math, including arithmetic, geometry and algebra. They are experienced scientific researchers, with hands-on laboratory skills.

Cascadia graduates are well-prepared for high school and beyond. The goal of a Montessori education is to help students learn how to learn. In an age in which information becomes obsolete quickly, the focus of education must shift from facts to process.


The overall purpose of the Cascadia program is to build independent, self-motivated learners. We strive for the following Montessori Cirriculum outcomes:

Cascadia students will have the ability to use their senses to understand their abstract and concrete experiences in the world around them.

Practical Life:
Cascadia students will have the ability and the desire to care for themselves, others, and their environments.

Cascadia students will be competent in expressing themselves in written and spoken language and competent in their understanding of the written and spoken words of others.

Cascadia students will be skillful in abstraction and reasoning. They will be able to use deductive and inductive methods to solve symbolic and practical problems.

Cascadia students will have a conscious awareness and understanding of the natural world and its order. They will have the ability to recognize and use the basic methods of scientific inquiry.

Cultural Subjects:
Cascadia students will create a foundation for the appreciation of the humanities and the arts. They will have a sense of historical perspective, an understanding of one’s place in the world, and gratitude for the accomplishments of those who came before them.

Moral and Character Development:
Cascadia students will possess a strong sense of self. They will be capable, responsible, and accountable to themselves and others.