In Montessori classrooms the world over, specially trained teachers combine deep knowledge of children’s planes of development with careful observation of each individual child to guide students in three year cycles at the primary level (traditionally preschool and kindergarten), the lower elementary level (traditionally grades 1 – 3), the upper elementary level (traditionally grades 4 – 6), and two years at the middle school level (traditionally grades 7 – 8).  New students may enter the curriculum at any point, including mid cycle.  The privately run Cascadia School is one of only two schools in the region offering an elementary and middle school Montessori education to children in Southwest Washington and surrounding areas.

Our small student body and low teacher to student ratio facilitate a close tight-knit community of students, families, and staff.  This plus our joyful approach to education equals children who love coming to school each day and emerge as intellectually curious, lifelong learners and leaders.


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Like all Montessori classrooms the world over, Cascadia’s two lower elementary and two upper elementary rooms have been carefully prepared using the beautiful hand crafted manipulative materials that made Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach to education so revolutionary.

Dr. Montessori’s manipulatives translate abstract ideas into concrete knowledge, allowing children to work independently and in self-directed groups.

Rather than desks in rows, Montessori classrooms have furniture, tables, and carpeted workspaces.

In the Montessori system, teachers at all levels serve as classroom guides, giving individual lessons one on one or to small groups of students as they become ready for the next step. Each child’s individual leaning style is allowed to flourish.

The Montessori model of education stands in stark contrast to the traditional classroom set up that positions the teacher as the leader at the head of the room, teaching the same thing to all students at the same time.

In a Montessori classroom, each child’s own individual development and readiness sets the pace and the learning is student-driven.

The result is students who love learning. Montessori graduates enter the world equipped to be creative problem solvers; able to lead, mediate, and work cooperatively as engaged citizens and lifelong learners.


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The first step in the admissions process for the Cascadia Montessori School is a school tour and opportunity for Q &A.

The Cascadia School

10606 NE 14th St, Vancouver, WA 98664

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