Tuition Discounts


  Cascadia siblings receive a 10% discount.

  Cascadia students with siblings at Children’s Houses in partnership with Cascadia receive a 5% discount.

Tuition Assistance


25018113829_c7c95fbc57_bTo apply for tuition assistance at Cascadia, you must complete and submit the Financial Aid Application forms  and complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online with the required accompanying documentation before April 20th. Cascadia will communicate decisions about financial aid awards starting in April, and every two weeks after that.

Cascadia uses the School & Student Services (SSS) administered by the National Association of Independent Schools to process  Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and accompanying documentation. Based on the financial information you provide, SSS presents Cascadia with an estimated family contribution available for educational purposes. Upon electronic receipt of your information from SSS, Cascadia considers all PFS information regarding our own standards and policies to make fair and objective financial aid decisions.


Additional written information about Cascadia’s Tuition Assistance Policy is available upon request.